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Hi!! My name is Sanjay Rawat. I hold PhD degree in computer science, from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. The area of my research is computer security, in general, and vulnerability analysis, security code analysis, Intrusion Detection System using data mining and machine learning techniques, in particular. I also take interest in bio-inspired evolutionary approach for security. 

During my PhD on intrusion detection, I used DARPA data for experimentation. From time to time, I get mails regarding that data. Therefore, I am uploading the data on the following site. It is almost processed.

DARPA DATA (BSM, processed)

What's New?

I may not be updating this page regularly. Instead more updated version of my current activities (my research etc.) is available at this page

Since Dec, 2009, I am working as Postdoc in Verimag, France on application vulnerability analysis.

I joined University of Trento, Italy as postdoc. Visit my university webpage.

Finally, I defended my PhD thesis..huffff. So now I am Dr. Sanjay

I joined a company called Intoto as Senior Software engineer. I am working on Intrusion Prevention System. My work is to analyze new vulnerabilties and attacks.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.